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Do you know someone in need of the healing gifts of the St. Jude Novena?  Let them know you care!

In our continuing efforts to offer our visitors innovative ways to spread the word about devotion to St. Jude and his gifts, the St. Jude Novena Site can also send a novena dedication by e-mail to someone you know and care about.

It's easy -- simply go to Publish Your Message Now!  and complete all the information.   Make sure to select the option "click YES to send it to someone as an E-mail Dedication", and fill in the person's name and e-mail address.   In addition to publishing your message to the St. Jude Novena Site, we will send a personalized, tasteful e-mail message to them that reads the following:

Subject: A greeting from <Yourname> and the St. Jude Novena Site

Dear _______:

This message comes to you from the St. Jude Novena Site, a website dedicated to spreading the news about the healing power of the St. Jude Novena.

<Yourname> has published a special novena prayer to St. Jude in your name on our website, in the hope that you may receive his special gifts as you go through a difficult time.  The St. Jude Novena is a powerful request for the spiritual, emotional, and physical healing that we all are in need of at certain times in our lives.  You may view the special request made in your name by going to, clicking on Testimonies, and following the link to Petition/Prayers.

There is no need to reply directly to this e-mail.  We simply join with the special person who is sending this message to you in wishing you comfort, hope, and peace of mind and spirit.

Best Regards,
The St. Jude Novena Site

What better gift to send someone than your own heartfelt
petition for them to receive the touch of God's loving hand,  through the love and prayers of St. Jude? 

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