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The St. Jude Novena Site has become THE place on the internet for information related to praying a novena to St. Jude.  And it looks like our efforts to offer a little insight into the comfort and power available to those who pray the novena to St. Jude have touched a chord with our visitors, judging by the steady flow of comments we have received.  People seem to especially like the personal reply they get when they post a prayer on our website.  Some of those messages are listed below.  All feedback about the website is welcome.  If you would like to drop us a note, you can CLICK HERE to do it now.

Many thanks to those who took the time to send a note.  It really makes all the efforts put into operating this site feel worthwhile!

"Thank you for creating and maintaining a website that offers so much hope and encouragement in honor of St. Jude and all his works."
-Deborah Pagano, April 28, 2005

"Your website is a blessing. It brings comfort for our needs. Your comments beneath each prayer are welcome and though I am not Catholic, I truly believe St. Jude is 'tuned in' to the prayers sent to him through this site."
-K., Jan 8, 2005

"May God bless you and this wonderful ministry of outreach to all of us who need prayer support from our brothers & sisters in Christ."
-Benda Zimmerlin, Nov. 5, 2004

"This site is exactly what I needed to keep my spirits up during my time of need. If I hadn't found this site I don't know what I would have done."
-Michelle Patrick, Sept. 28, 2004

"I am so pleased that I located this website. I'm extremely excited about the resources you have and all the inspirational aids. Thank you so much for putting this together."
-Angela Ciampaglia, June 16, 2004

"You are doing a great job with this site. You are like a painter who puts people's picture of hope on a canvas."
-Lorie, May 13, 2004

"Thank you so much, Daniel for having such an awesome website."
-Mary Sanderson, Jan.9, 2004

"I am so glad I found this site. I already feel a little more at peace."
-Karen Mitts, Jan. 9, 2004

"I am happy to see how much work you put into the website and I thank you for giving us a forum to thank St. Jude and encourage devotion to him."
-M.M., Toronto, Aug. 23, 2003

"You and your website have helped to restore my faith in the Lord and in people. Thank you again."
-Lori Hudepohl, July 2, 2003

"Thanks for performing a wonderful service, Daniel. You are helping many of us out here. God bless you."
-Mike M., April 27, 2003

"This is a wonderful website. It truly offers comfort and has enabled St. Jude to intercede on my behalf. I cannot tell you how much comfort I have received from reciting the prayers and reading the inspirational messages of thanks."
-R.B. in Los Angeles, Mar. 26, 2003

"This website brought tears to my eyes.  And, it gives me hope to believe the miracles that have been performed."
-Robin C. Lott, Feb. 16, 2003

"I am grateful for this wonderful website and will continue to use it."
-Lee Swanson, Feb. 3, 2003

"You have a wonderful website and I am sure it has helped out a lot of people."
-Kristin, Feb. 1, 2003

"This website is a Godsend. Thank you for spreading the faith to those in desperate need."
-Teresa, Jan. 22, 2003

"God bless you for this wonderful website."
-Cindy Pelletier, Jan. 7, 2003

"Thank you very much for your website. You help a lot of people by reaching their hearts."
-Mila , Jan. 6, 2003

"You are performing a really great service, Daniel.  Keep up the good work!"
-Julia D'Antonio Jan.3, 2003

"Your website is comforting, to say the least. I would like to thank you, just for being here. At a time when people feel a situation is hopeless, it is just so nice to have someone to turn to for help and guidance!
-Terri P., Nov. 5, 2002   

"Thank you so much for your prayers and assistance."
-Patricia M., Oct. 23, 2002

" I thank God and St. Jude for this website. I am now more inspired to continue praying and feel the strength as we communicate."
-Maria, N.Y., Sept. 21, 2002

"It was through divine power that I ran into this website at a time when I really needed to reach out for help."
-Minnie, Sept. 1, 2002

"Thank you for this wonderful website! I was humbled and inspired by your personal response to my prayer request. In my journey of faith and especially during difficult times, it is a great comfort to know that there are others with whom I can share life's burdens and who will generously pray for me. Please continue to share the belief that St Jude is our Intercessor and that God 's infinite mercy is graciously granted to us all. Thank you and God bless!"
-JMB/DBB, Aug.10, 2002 

"Thank you so much for this inspiring and faith building website.  What a difference it has made in my life and that of my family.  I visit often and always will."
-Vicki G., July 17, 2002

-"Those of you working to develop and maintain this site should be proud of creating such a thorough and inspirational source for those seeking understanding of God's message. Seeking to learn more about St Jude - who found me - was important. Not being Catholic I understood nothing of the concept of patron saints, nor a novena nor the relationship that can develop with a name, or someone you never met, or a spirit or an idea. Your efforts have helped me tremendously. I just thought you should know what an important and meaningful impact your labors have made in this person's life and to thank you for this...with love and appreciation......
-John Beeck, Boca Raton, Florida, July 6, 2002

-"God bless you and your works Daniel. You are an inspiration to us all. May your light continue to shine ever so bright."
-Bob Cavello, July 1, 2002

-"What a wonderful site you have; thank you for your devotion to it, and to St. Jude."
-Char, July 1, 2002

-"I would like to say thank you for all the helpful information I have found on this website--particularly about 'doing a novena'...please keep the information coming!"
-Dee Yonke, June 7, 2002

-"Thank you (the St. Jude website) for being a shoulder to lean on during these difficult times."
-Kellie M., May 29, 2002

"Thank you for hosting this very helpful website."
-Steve K., May 12, 2002

"Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. This website is definitely a great resource. You made the publishing process very easy."
-Gail K., April, 25, 2002

"I would like to take a moment to say what a wonderful site you have.  This site has brought me closer to the powers above and has increased my faith in them."
-Pam Cary, April 15, 2002

"Actually God Blessed me with finding your site. Thank you so much! "
-E.M., April 9, 2002

"Thank you so much for this site and your kindness."
-Marilyn, March 6, 2002" 

"What a wonderful website!  It is a blessing and I am so happy I found it!"
-Kathy Finley, March 4, 2002

"After finding this website, I feel peaceful.  Thank you."
-C.Z., Feb. 8, 2002

"Thank you for this website, it and of itself is an answer to my prayers.  Thank you for giving me hope when I could see none."  -J.C., Jan. 8, 2002

"The website is definitely inspiring."  -Sue, Jan. 3, 2002

"Because of your website Dear Saint Jude Thaddeus, God has renewed my spirited. May God forever bless and keep it!"  -L. Jackson, Jan.1, 2002

"I found your website at a time when I really needed it. Thank you so much."  -Ann M., Dec. 7, 2001

"Thanks for the website.  I believe the Lord led me here."
-G.W. Dec. 4, 2001

"Thanks so much for being on a website at a time when I really need to pray.  God Bless you!
-S. Miller Nov. 19, 2001

"Thanks so much for all your help. I really appreciate it. It is really incredible that you manage the site so well. I also enjoy reading St.Jude Times. Thanks again."
-PR, Nov. 14, 2001

"Thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful things about St. Jude. I'm very glad I found this site. It has helped me a great deal in keeping up with my faith, and hope that my prayers are heard."  -Wandmopy, Oct. 29, 2001

"As a devoted believer of the powers of St. Jude's intercessions, I am thrilled to find this web site. Great Job and thank you."  -V.D., Sept. 5, 2001

"Thank you for your quick response and words of encouragement" -Elsa, Aug.4, 2001

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