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The St. Jude Novena Site is proud to announce a new feature: Profiles in Prayer.  Each month we will select an entry from one of our visitors who have published a message of thanks on this site and ask them to share a little about their experience in praying to St. Jude--what they prayed for, how they kept their hope and faith alive, what they received, and how it changed their life.

The goal is to provide a little insight and comfort to those who are currently praying and/or waiting for a sign that they are being heard.  It is another example of our commitment to being the most informative, personal, interactive site dedicated to St. Jude on the internet today.

If you have you published a message of thanks on the St. Jude Novena Site, and you would like to have a Profile done about your experience, send us an e-mail at  We'd love to post your story and people would love to read it! There is no cost or obligation for you to do so.

Comment from a reader:
"I've discovered your site under yahoo's search engine under "St Jude Novena Prayer" This is my first time praying to the Novena for 9 days. I really enjoy your website. Your new "Profiles in Prayer" brings SO MUCH encouragement to me, especially when I am undergoing the same situation as February 2002 contributor. Keep up the wonderful work.
Blessings,  JC"

The Profiles which are currently available for viewing are listed below. Check back regularly or subscribe to the St. Jude E-Mail Newsletter (you can sign up on our Home page) to be informed of when we add new Profiles to this section.

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