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The St. Jude Novena Site is proud to present the Resource Center.  The Resource Center will offer downloadable files, website links, and other interesting items chosen specifically for the information, enjoyment, and enlightenment of St. Jude Novena Site visitors.  Our goal is to seek out information that will contribute positively to the spiritual health of St. Jude followers.   

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-Personal St. Jude Novena Calendar
A great way to keep track of your Novena! This specially-designed 9-day calendar can be printed out and used to follow along as you say your Novena.  Includes meditative thoughts to help get the most out of your praying.

User comment: "Your calendar to keep up with the St. Jude Novena is excellent!" - Evelyn, May 1, 2002

-St. Jude Images
We have gathered a collection of many interesting images of St. Jude, showing the different interpretations of how the great saint might have appeared. Credit for the images is indicated where available.

-The Sanctuary (NEW!)
Here is a great way to remind yourself about St. Jude's fellowship and presence in your life. This St. Jude wallpaper image can be copied as a background to your Windows desktop, thus appearing on your computer screen

-The Sanctuary
Looking for a bit of inspiration? Wanting to hear some words that might make it all make sense for you? Visit The Sanctuary, a quiet spot filled with calming music and reflective words.

-St. Jude Gift Shop
What is the best way to accompany your St. Jude Novena prayer? A beautiful, unique St. Jude rosary.  We have a lovely collection of rosaries available at our very own St. Jude Novena Gift Shop.  With rosaries and other gifts specially designed for our Gift Shop, you can be assured of finding the perfect devotional item for you and those special to you.

-St. Jude links of interest
This is a list of other online sites which you may find be of interest.  Please note that the St. Jude Novena Site does not specifically endorse the content of any sites listed.

If you have a website and would like to exchange links with us, contact us by e-mail.

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